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Who is Mister Junior? 
An Artist Profile by Kiam Marcelo Junio

Mister Junior (née Alberto Ramón Gutierrez) is a burlesque performer from New Mexico and currently in Chicago, who dances and strips his way into your heart. He is of mixed nationalities, bridging his Mexican heritage and American upbringing. He is in the company of Vaudezilla Burlesque and Productions, (named by Chicago Reader as “Best Burlesque 2011”).  

What makes Mister Junior unique from any other male burlesque (often called “boylesque”) performer is his use of the art of burlesque to address larger conflicts. On the stage, his presence is commanding, eliciting cheers of excitement to see him remove the next garment.  But it goes beyond this. Each of his acts seeks to question societal expectations of race and gender normativity and performance. He playfully adapts Hispanic stereotypes such as the Lover, the Bull/Bullfighter, and the expectations for a male body and subverts them before your eyes. 

The second wave of feminism in the mid to late 20th century brought female empowerment into the social consciousness, asserting that women and men, though inherently different, should be treated as equals - that the woman’s place is not just behind the man, as a secretary, or housewife.  That women have as much political, social, and sexual agency as men.

Today’s critical discourse surrounding gender and sexuality is no longer concerned with the binary distinction of male/female, but rather the blurring of these boundaries.  Gender (a socially performed aspect of personality) is inherently different from sexuality (sexual attraction), and between these two tenets are infinite combinations. 

Going to a burlesque show brings all of these issues into focus.  On the stage, the performers take charge of their bodies, stripping garments to their own pace and desire to reveal their bodies, not as vulnerable submissions for public consumption, but rather as active assertions of power. Yes, these are breasts, and they are mine. Yes, these are curves, see what I can do with them? Yes, here is a male body, watch me fuck with your expectations. 

Beyond the spectacle, Mister Junior uses the art of burlesque as a platform for addressing these social issues.  How are Latinos stereotyped in the media? What is the difference between a man and a beast? Do puppets have agency? What makes a man, a woman, beautiful or sexy - can one use tools from the other, and still be as such? 

Burlesque (which derives from the root “burla” or joke) is part parody, part caricature, part satire, in the format of a striptease.  It began as an art form in the Victorian era, as an alternative to theater.  In the 1860’s to the 1940’s, it gained popularity in cabarets, clubs, as well as theaters with its mix of comedy, dance, and striptease. The art remains true today in its current format, usually as a variety show, in which singers, comedians, magicians, and other entertainment acts punctuate the shows between stripteases. 

If you’ve never been to a Burlesque show (and watching the Christina Aguilera movie does NOT count), I highly suggest going.  If you’re in the Chicago area, check out Mister Junior and for upcoming shows. 


Photos and text by Kiam Marcelo Junio, 2012.
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Painter painting in our land pictures of only white angels
Painter painting in our time in shadows of yesterday

Painter, if you paint with love, paint me some black angels now
For all good blacks in heaven, painter show us that you care

Eartha Kitt - Angelitos Negros (1970 performance)

She’s fucking phenomenal

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“Crisis reportage in the twenty-first century has evolved into an independent discipline — almost a science. The money, the technology, and the orchestrated mass hysteria that goes into crisis reporting has a curious effect. It isolates the crisis, unmoors it from the particularities of the history, the geography, the culture that produced it. Eventually it floats free like a hot-air balloon, carrying its cargo of international gadflies — specialists, analysts, foreign correspondents, and crisis photographers with their enormous telephoto lenses.”
Arundhati Roy, An Ordinary Person’s Guide to Empire (via lehaaz)

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I have never seen a cis person get bullied for being cis, but I have seen plenty of cis people get called out for being assholes and then claim they’re being bullied for being cis.

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“Struggles for human rights always begin with brave men and women who stand up, isolated, against the forces of oppression. But, in the United States, victory really arrives on the glorious day when the people with money decide discrimination is bad for business.

Thanks, Arizona.”
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Macro bee portraits by Sam Droege.

Used to distinguish and catalog the thousands of bee species in North America.

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